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Welcome to Review Legal. We are an independent organization helping the people regarding separation and divorce. This website covers variety of topics regarding divorce. Furthermore, we provide you the reviews of the separation agreements and the documents used for the purpose of divorce being offered by many of the online document retailers.

Review Legal has come up with a very unique idea of reviewing the legal documents over the Internet and to rate them. In this competitive world, it has become very difficult to choose a product or a service.

We at Review Legal, review and rate the separation documents of legal document retailers they are offering over the internet in order to help you select the most appropriate legal document for your legal purpose.


Divorce Advice and Support

It is a reality that it is very important to be well informed when considering divorce and separation.

Here we discuss everything about divorce and separation in the United Kingdom. The procedure for divorce, main causes for divorce, comprehensive guides to separation and many other topics have been touched.

We also recommend online deed of separation which is required for the divorce process. By online deed of separation or a separation agreement it is meant, the documents used for the divorce offered online by some of the best online document retailers.

This website is a unique and reliable resource for you to choose the best online legal document retailer for choosing the best separation of deed online.


Benefits of Using Online Separation Agreement

Some of the benefits of using documents for separation offered by the online document retailers are,

  • No face to face meetings or time off work with the solicitor.
  • Cheaper and much quicker than the lawyers.
  • Help and support throughout by the website.
  • Track the divorce progress online anytime.
  • Save a lot of the legal fees which is over £1,000



Online Document Retailers

There are many online document retailers which allow the users in preparation of personalized, downloadable and printable legal documents and legal forms to your computer instantly. There are many kinds of legal documents available on the web and they can be edited online quite easily. The finished document is ready for the users to either download in a file in various formats like .doc, .pdf, etc. or print directly to the printer. These downloaded documents can be further emailed to the attorney or the partners for verification and other legal purposes. There are some online document retailers who offer some free documents while the rest of the documents are fairly priced based on the document’s nature.

There are many online document retailers who are offering separation agreement or the deed of separation in a reasonable price. Some of the online document retailers who are offering this document are,

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ClickDocs             clickdocs_logo


 LawDepot       lawdepot logo


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With the advent of the Internet and electronic equipment such as the personal computers and cell-phones, legal instruments or formal legal documents have undergone a progressive change of dematerialization. In this electronic age, document authentication can now be verified digitally using various softwares.

All documents needing authentication can be processed as digital documents with all the necessary information such as date and time stamp imbedded. To prevent tampering or unauthorized changes to the original document, encryption is used.

In modern times, authentication is no longer limited to the type of paper used, the specialized seal, stamps, etc., as document authentication software helps secure the original context. The use of electronic legal documents is most prominent in the United Kingdom and United States.

Most of the courts now prefer the filing of electronic legal documents over paper. However, there is not yet a public law to unify the different standards of document authentication. Therefore, one must know the court’s requirement before filing court papers.


Grounds for Divorce

To apply for divorce, one of the following 5 conditions should be met as a ground for divorce. 5 grounds of divorce are,

  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Unreasonable Behaviour
  • 2 years separation with consent
  • 5 years separation without consent

Arranging Your Own Divorce

You are eligible to arrange your own divorce without involving lawyers if you agree on:

  • The reasons for separation.
  • How you will look after the children after divorce.
  • How you will split the financial assets, property and possessions.

If both the spouses are agreed on these things, there is no need to go to the court for hearing. The divorce paperwork or the separation agreement can fulfill the purpose.


Starting the Process of Divorce without Using Solicitors

To initiate the process of divorce online and save over £1,000 you have to qualify for divorce first.

To qualify for the divorce in England & Wales, you need to qualify for the following statements,

  • Married for at least a year (12 Months).
  • Your spouse also agrees for the divorce and has no problems about it.
  • You must have a permanent home in England or Wales. If living abroad, one of you has to be domiciled in England or Wales.